Best Month Ever: A look back at July’s top blog posts


The tale of Miguel Chalas and the skunk in Lynchburg was the most-viewed post in this blog’s most-viewed month.

July was a record-shattering month for this blog (Thanks everybody!). And, as I mentioned at the bottom of our last post, Unlocking the Keys was the fifth-most-read blog among all MiLB blogs last month.

Again, you are all wonderful for reading.

So, for your nostalgic reading pleasure, let’s recap the month of July on the Keys blog, one that saw trades, catwalks, polecats, a mascot murder and a near trade of Keyote.

The month begins in style

Thank goodness for Lynchburg, at least for this blog’s sake. After a few days of our typical pregame posts, we took a July 4th blog break and returned on July 9th, a few days after the Keys returned from their well-documented trip to Lynchburg.

Twitter is an amazing thing.

Thanks to the Twitterverse, the team’s impromptu fashion show in Lynchburg was broadcast to the masses and allowed for this post, which took on a life of its own on twitter for about three days and was the second-most viewed post in July. A taste of that post:


According to the people, these two are your winners:

Contestant #4: P Gene Escat

Contestant #8: P Jesse Beal

The skunk post

This was the most popular blog entry of the month and for good reason.

How often does a relief pitcher glove a skunk in right field? Again, thank you, Lynchburg. I will summarize this post with this:

The skunk story got picked up by The Washington Post’s Sports Bog and also by Ben’s Biz Blog in July’s Crooked Nuggets.

Anyway, fans agree that Miguel Chalas was the night’s hero.

Christmas in July, mascot murder and trade rumors, an actual trade and a walk-up song

The skunk and the fashion show carried the month, but a few other posts seemed to be fan favorites as well.

Christmas in July was well received, probably because 1) people enjoy Christmas and 2) Eric Bickel of the Sports Junkies tweeted out the blog. He took photos the game before and we used a couple. They’re good shots. Take a look:

Two things we learned on Clue Night: A lot of people weren’t terribly upset about the murder of rally mascot Frank Key and a Gatorade cooler can be a deadly weapon. Many of you relived Clue Night on the blog, feel free to do it again!

*An update to the Clue Night post — Stadium Butler Apter is debriefed, recalls the entire night:

Fans picked catcher Michael Ohlman’s walk-up song and chose to have him keep the one he started with — Big & Rich’s Save a Horse.

Nicky Delmonico was certainly a fan favorite in Frederick before his trade for veteran Brewers reliever Francisco Rodriguez. He’s playing for the Brevard County Manatees now and had a three-hit game a few days ago.

And on July 31, the threat of a possible trade of Keyote spiked blog views as his supporters came out in droves to block the deadline deal. Good news came out of that situation when he signed a 10-year contract extension.

Thanks for your continued reading! See you back here soon.

Shake your Keys.

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