Former Frederick Friday Feature – Chris Lemp



Welcome to the Keys 2nd annual Former Frederick Friday contest. Throughout the offseason on specific Friday’s, a picture of a former Key is posted. The first person to guess it right will get their name in the running for a Keys Luxury Suite during a game in 2013. The fourth week into the contest wasn’t too much of a stumper, as it took just one guess on Facebook for someone to get the right guy. Pitcher Chris Lemp was the former Key  selected from archives last week, so let’s find out some more about him…

Selected in the 9th round of the 1991 draft by the O’s, Lemp was taken out of Sacramento City College. Currently 41 years old, Lemp saw time during three seasons as a Key. After going 2-4 in his first two season in the Orioles system between Bluefield and Kane County, Chris started the ’93 season as a Key and would stay there for that season and the next. In ’93, he posted a 4-1 record but his ERA was nothing too impressive at 3.56. 1994 showed improvement in that area, as Lemp lowered his line to 2.71 over 52 games. Chris tallied 21 saves for the Keys in 1994, eight in ’93 and 19 in 1995 before getting promoted to Bowie in the later part of ’95. Lemp is the Keys all-time leader in saves with 48. The next player closest to that is Francisco Hernandez with 38 from 1995-98.

Double-A didn’t go too well for Lemp during the 18 games he appeared in during the end of the 1995 season. He was 2-4 with a 5.40 ERA and four saves. He did see limited time in Triple-A Rochester, where he posted an 11.25 ERA over three games. Lemp split time between the Independent League Goldeyes in Winnipeg and Double-A Bowie in ’96, but his ERA was above four with both squads.

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Former Frederick Friday Players

November 2nd: Ron Kitchen

November 9th: Scott Conner

November 16th: Mark Gibbs


November 30th: Chris Lemp

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