Keys Apocalyptic Theme Night Nominated

Six Months ‘til the End of the World Night is a Finalist for a Golden Bobblehead Award

Frederick, MD – On June 21st, the Frederick Keys opened gates to the public, who witnessed one of the memorable theme nights of 2012 in Minor League Baseball. Six Months ‘til the End of the World Night was recognized for its creativity and uniqueness when nominees for the yearly Golden Bobblehead Awards were announced on Monday. The Keys theme night is up against six other teams in the nation for the “Best Theme Night” of 2012.

Over 160 submissions were made from over 150 teams that hope to get the honor of being awarded a Golden Bobblehead. Formerly known as the “Best Of” Awards, Golden Bobbleheads are presented to nominees from each of the five categories that include Best Theme Night, Best Charity Event, Best In-Game Promotion, Best Non-Game Day Event and Best Overall Promotion.

Featured in Ben Hill’s weekly promo preview back in June, this theme was a success in the eyes of all that survived. In-game promotions were hosted by zombies and the undead tried to attack contestants. Luckily, Keyote fended off the zombies with roundhouse kicks and karate chops to keep all fans from experiencing any further danger. Two fans got the rare opportunity to participate in a Last Meal Eating Contest. Immunity from zombie attacks for the rest of the evening was on the line for whoever finished a hot dog, pretzel and large order of fries the fastest.

Upon entry into the stadium, fans received a raffle ticket, which gave them a chance to win survival kits and doomsday movies. Survival kits included water bottles, flashlights, toilet seat covers and other such essentials. End of the World Movies included 2012, The Day After Tomorrow, The Book of Eli and I am Legend. REM’s End of the World as We Know It, The Cranberries’ Zombie and Jay Sean’s 2012 (It Ain’t The End) were just a few of the musical selections on the apocalyptic playlist.

The Golden Bobblehead Awards will be presented to the winners during the annual MiLB Promotional Seminar, held this year in Reno, NV from October 2nd-5th. Nominees are given the chance to present to seminar attendees why their promotion deserves the recognition as the best in their category.

To view the full list of nominees for this year’s Golden Bobblehead awards, click here.

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