Keys Staff Feature – Dave Ziedelis

Taking the spotlight next is General Manager, Dave Ziedelis…

How did you end up with the Keys and what previous sports experience brought you here?

Named GM in Nov 2004 – been in MILB for 13 years as GM – spent 7 years in MLB with San Diego Padres – other sports experience includes America’s Cup Professional Yacht Racing.

What is your position with the Keys and what is your regular day in the office entail?

GM – really managing the entire operation and everything that entails – being a minor league GM is actually running your own business.

What duties do you have on game days and what do you enjoy the most about them?

I enjoy the personal involvement with all the different segments of our community – from fans and sponsors, to players and umpires, to families and children, etc.

What is your dream job to achieve in the sporting world and how long do you think it will take you to get there?

I am really living the dream as we speak, and feel very fortunate with the life I have been blessed with.

If there was one thing you could say to the Keys fans about their support over the years, what would you say?

You are the people that make all this possible – plain and simple.

Make sure to check back tomorrow for our next staff feature!

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