Keys Staff Feature – Matt McCann

Up next in our special Staff Feature is Promo Assistant, Matt McCann.

How did you end up with the Keys and what previous sports experience brought you here?

The Keys are the second professional institution I’ve worked for. I was an intern with the Bowie Baysox last season, helping with marketing and promotional needs. I started out as an intern here in February doing similar tasks before I moved to a full-time role in May.

What is your position with the Keys and what does your regular day in the office entail?

My official title is Promotions Assistant. Under my job are three main responsibilities, all of which are marketing initiatives for the Keys. These are the Junior Keys Kids Club, Frank Key’s Army, and Birdland Passport. For these marketing initiatives, I am the main contact with club participants as well as making sure that all aspects of the initiatives, whether it is promotional or club perks, run smoothly. I also do some community appearances and grassroots marketing outside of the office.

What duties do you have on game days and what do you enjoy most about them?

On some nights, I operate the music board and sound systems within Harry Grove Stadium. My days on music board are my chance to sit down and enjoy all nine innings of the game. On other nights, I help to run promotions such as on-the-field contests. This is my chance to talk with the Keys fans as they enjoy what our ballpark has to offer.

What is your dream job to achieve in the sporting world and how long do you think it will take you to get there?

I would either like to work in player personnel or baseball operations for a major league club or be a general manager for a minor league club. Hopefully I can achieve one of these two in about 10-15 years, or once I accumulate enough experience.

If there was one thing you could say to the Keys fans about their support over the years, what would you say?

You are the people who helped keep this team in Frederick this past offseason. Your continued support will help us do our jobs effectively—in fact, you are the reason I have this job in the first place! With great fans like you, the Keys are proud to call Frederick their home.

Stay tuned for the next staff feature tomorrow on Keys GM General Manager, Dave Ziedelis.

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