The Adventures of Millsy – Part IV

Through the past couple of weeks, I have shown all of you the adventures that I have been able to take. Unfortunately, this week I was limited because of the rain so I thought it would be a good time to show you one of the best times I had since arriving back in Frederick. What could it be, you ask? Oh, hold onto your socks because Mr. Millsy got the VIP treatment at Camden Yards when the Keys got honored for their championship. The pictures will tell it all, kids.

No matter how big of a deal you are, you have to sign in before entering the field area. I hope someone saved that piece of paper I signed because it is worth millions. Okay, maybe I am exaggerating a little, but you never know!

Now batting, Millsy the Carolina League Championship Trophy! The lovely batting circle of the hometown O’s. Many big names, including Cal Ripken, have stepped on this very circle. It wasn’t my lucky day however since I forgot my batting gloves in the Shake Your Keys van. I don’t want to get my sides all blistery. That aside, it was very surreal standing here looking out on beautiful Camden Yards.

Here, I managed to get a photo-op with some of the players. Second basemen Jonathan Schoop, outfielder Steve Bumbry and catcher Jason Stifler are there and so is manager Orlando Gomez. Looking sharp, boys!

Here is a picture of me with the majority of the Keys front office. All of these people have an integral role in making the Keys season a success off of the field, so in retrospect, they deserve a championship for their duties they perform during games. Long hours and endless days can take a toll on you, but not these fine-looking people!

Here I am caught soaking in the atmosphere of a Camden Yards suite. So majestic, so beautiful. Little did everyone know, it was a bad idea to leave those cookies next to me. They were gone before anyone could have any. That can be our little secret though. Moving right along…

This picture doesn’t need much of an explanation. These Hall of Famers put their dedication and passion into O’s baseball every time they stepped onto the diamond. Thank you for your service, boys!

This is the view from the outside part of the suite. What a great scene, eh? Nothing like letting the summer air flow into your nostrils, or large cup, during a night at the ballpark. I got a little feisty after a while here because the cotton candy guy wouldn’t come around. Am I really that intimidating?

Well, that about finishes my night at Camden Yards when the Keys were honored for their Carolina League title. I took advantage of my time there by snapping pictures, eating cookies and of course, grabbing some liquid courage.

Until next time, shake those keys Frederick!

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