The Adventures of Millsy – Part II

Hey everyone! It’s me, Millsy…the Carolina League Championship Cup! During the 10am staff meeting that the Keys staff had this morning, I managed to rummage through peoples drawers looking for something to help me get out for another adventure. After going through nearly everyone’s desk I had finally found it. The key to the infamous Shake Your Keys van. Not only has this van been all around Maryland but it was also spotted at the Minor League Baseball Promo Seminar in Myrtle Beach. It is a pretty big deal. In short, I stole the Shake Your Keys van for my own personal enjoyment and leisure. Downtown Frederick, here comes Millsy!

My first stop on this trip was the the burial place of Francis Scott Key! For those of you who think that some random dude named the team after his key to his favorite truck, you are wrong. The Keys are named after Mr. Key, the author of the National Anthem. When the anthem is sung before each home game, the sound convenientally echoes to the grave of Francis Scott, which is right across the street from the stadium. What an unexpected historical feature of Frederick, am I right? Not to mention the Keys have a mascot in memory of him. Rest in peace Francis!

Lucky for me (and the city of Frederick), there were no wildfires, house fires or anything going on so I snuck into the downtown fire department for some pics. Each of the fire trucks in Frederick have the American flag across the grill which made for a great modeling moment for yours truly. After posing in front of the truck, I jumped in the drivers seat of this baby. It took me a few jumps and some stretching to actually get up to the seat, but I made it.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the opportunity to slide down the fire pole, work the hoses or turn the sirens on, but I guess beggers can’t be choosers. Sitting in the driver’s seat was cool enough.

These small cities like Frederick always seem to surprise people. It sounds like such a boring place. I mean what is there to do in western Maryland other than go to a Keys game or twiddle your thumbs? I’ll tell ya what, you can visit the beautiful downtown creek. Right before enter historic downtown Frederick, there is Carroll Creek with a riverwalk area and a bunch of bridges. Above, I am sitting by the creek hoping for some ducks to come by. Sadly, I didn’t bring any bread so I didn’t have much to offer.

Despite my fear of heights, I snapped a picture of me on top of the first bridge on Carroll Creek. It is quite a view. When there are downtown street fairs and happy hours on the creek, you can kayak and paddleboat. Not a bad deal. Since I don’t have feet or hands, boating is not necesscarily my “cup” of tea. Pun intended, kids.

With time ticking away on my adventure, I swung by the Weinberg Center for the Arts downtown. The Weinberg has plenty of shows for people of all ages, whether it is opera, a comedian or an orchestra performance. Here you see me at the ticket booth trying to get some tickets for the midnight showing of Twilight, but apparently it was the wrong venue and the movie theater had been sold out for weeks. Fooey!

Well, I hope you liked the latest edition of my adventures. Make sure to stay tuned to this blog for my next post. Where will I be seen next? I feel like Carmen Sandiego. Anyways, until then, feel free to stop on in and take a picture with me and Skake Your Keys! Only 138 days until Opening Day!


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I think that Millsy should visit the schools next. My daughter would love to “meet” him, and I am sure others would too.

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