The Adventures of Millsy – Part I

It has been four long years of waiting, but I have finally returned. Yes, my name is Millsy and as you can see, just a little under two months ago, the Frederick Keys hoisted me into the air in celebration. After defeating Kinston in the Carolina League Championship Series, the Keys have given me the chance to return home to Frederick. Although I have come back to the town that I have enjoyed so much, it has been lonely sitting in the office since September 16th, when the Keys won the title. No players around, everyone working hard for next year and me just sitting up for show on the front counter. No one has come to see me! What am I, chop liver? I think not! I took it upon myself to escape the inner sanctums of the Keys front office to go on adventures of my own around Frederick and now you get the chance to see them!

My first photo-op was right inside the front gates of the Harry Grove stadium. Waving in the breeze was none other than the championship banner. After I got over my goosebumps, I found myself a table and hopped up for a picture with the banner. It is a beautiful sit to see myself and the flag back where it should be. After all, what could be better than coming back to a city that is the hometown to Top Chef brothers and the burial site of the National Anthem author, Francis Scott Key? Nothing. That’s what.

The next stop for me was the press box. Although the voices of Frederick Keys Baseball, Adam Pohl & Tim Murray, were not in their home booth to call the championship winner, I felt like I needed to slip into their shoes to fully experience what it felt like to sport some pretty large headphones. I totally would advise fast food restaurants to invest in these, they are much more comfy than the filthy, rough earpieces they deal with now. What a view it is from this press box onto the field.

After taking in the view from the radio booth, it was time for me to revisit the field that had been the home for such great players this season. Bobby Bundy, Manny Machado, Jonathan Schoop and others battled teams across the league all year on this field and I gave myself a fourth row seat here for all of the action. If you ask me, I look very good in orange.

Conveniently enough for me, during my next stop, there was a nice stool with a black cover set out on the field waiting to be used for modeling. The smell of the fresh-cut green grass filled the air as I looked upon the field view at Harry Grove. It is tough to see the stadium without fans, but groundskeeper Tex keeps the field in tip-top condition during the offseason so the champs have good stuff to play on next season.

Sure, being on the field is cool, but I needed my paparazzi to get a picture of me on top of one of these tables for the full scene. Yes, I know the field is mowed very nicely but my shiny silver coat really sparkles well in the Harry Grove backdrop.

The last stop on my adventure around the stadium was the Keys locker room. At first, the door was locked, but I snuck into the stadium operations office and snagged the key without anyone noticing. I mean, who is going to give me a hard time anyway? I am Millsy, not just some trophy. After pushing the door open to the clubhouse, I decorated one of the lockers with bats, uniforms, jackets and baseball and put on my best pose.

I got so comfortable in the locker room setting, that I eventually ended up falling asleep right there. That was a foolish move on my part because the next morning, I was found by Keys staff spending the night in the clubhouse. Oops. Next time, I will have to make sure to get back to the front office before anyone knows I am gone.

Until the next time I find an escape route for my next adventure, feel free to come on by and snap a photo with me, Millsy the Carolina League Championship Cup!

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