November 2011

The Adventures of Millsy – Part III – A Very Millsy Thanksgiving

It is very nice to be back in the blogging world after a week off that was filled with food comas and football. I was lucky enough to be able to document my Thanksgiving day and you, my friends, are now lucky enough to read about it. What more could you ask for? I do want to warn you that some of these pictures may have you searching for leftovers immediately. Let’s get started…


In this picture, I am making sure to get the head seat before everyone else sits down. As we all know, this is the most important seat at the dinner table and since I was fresh off of a shining, let’s just say I was lookin’ good and deserved that spot. I made sure to put a candle in the middle of the table to set the mood.

Here is a shot of me anxiously waiting for dinner. Like most of us Turkey Day, I starved myself until dinner so I could run house on everything that was offered without my stomach giving me an issue. Turkey, stuffing, sweet potato pie, green bean casserole…not to mention dessert!

With a meal of this magnitude, we all know that you have to be delicate sometimes. Sure, some of us get so eager and just starting shoving food in our mouths, but I decided to keep it classy. Not only do I have some Chardonnay in my possession but I am sporting an extremely trendy bib. It is Keys colors too. I am sorry to say that there are none of these bibs for sale and mine has been forever stained with cranberry sauce. Tough luck for you!

For your viewing pleasure, here is a more majestic shot of me and the food that I disposed of in just a few minutes. I was so prepared that I didn’t even bother to wait for pie, I got it out with my dinner. This was my third serving by the way. As you can see, the bib did not make it that far.

Finally, after the dinner/dessert festivities were over, it was time for Thanksgiving football. The Cowboys vs. Dolphins game was on at the time of my viewing and it ended up being the best game of the day. Shortly after the games ended, I fell into my food coma and woke up in the Keys front office Monday morning. What a long, delicious food coma it was.

Make sure to check back soon for my next adventure! Where will I go next?



The Adventures of Millsy – Part II

Hey everyone! It’s me, Millsy…the Carolina League Championship Cup! During the 10am staff meeting that the Keys staff had this morning, I managed to rummage through peoples drawers looking for something to help me get out for another adventure. After going through nearly everyone’s desk I had finally found it. The key to the infamous Shake Your Keys van. Not only has this van been all around Maryland but it was also spotted at the Minor League Baseball Promo Seminar in Myrtle Beach. It is a pretty big deal. In short, I stole the Shake Your Keys van for my own personal enjoyment and leisure. Downtown Frederick, here comes Millsy!

My first stop on this trip was the the burial place of Francis Scott Key! For those of you who think that some random dude named the team after his key to his favorite truck, you are wrong. The Keys are named after Mr. Key, the author of the National Anthem. When the anthem is sung before each home game, the sound convenientally echoes to the grave of Francis Scott, which is right across the street from the stadium. What an unexpected historical feature of Frederick, am I right? Not to mention the Keys have a mascot in memory of him. Rest in peace Francis!

Lucky for me (and the city of Frederick), there were no wildfires, house fires or anything going on so I snuck into the downtown fire department for some pics. Each of the fire trucks in Frederick have the American flag across the grill which made for a great modeling moment for yours truly. After posing in front of the truck, I jumped in the drivers seat of this baby. It took me a few jumps and some stretching to actually get up to the seat, but I made it.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the opportunity to slide down the fire pole, work the hoses or turn the sirens on, but I guess beggers can’t be choosers. Sitting in the driver’s seat was cool enough.

These small cities like Frederick always seem to surprise people. It sounds like such a boring place. I mean what is there to do in western Maryland other than go to a Keys game or twiddle your thumbs? I’ll tell ya what, you can visit the beautiful downtown creek. Right before enter historic downtown Frederick, there is Carroll Creek with a riverwalk area and a bunch of bridges. Above, I am sitting by the creek hoping for some ducks to come by. Sadly, I didn’t bring any bread so I didn’t have much to offer.

Despite my fear of heights, I snapped a picture of me on top of the first bridge on Carroll Creek. It is quite a view. When there are downtown street fairs and happy hours on the creek, you can kayak and paddleboat. Not a bad deal. Since I don’t have feet or hands, boating is not necesscarily my “cup” of tea. Pun intended, kids.

With time ticking away on my adventure, I swung by the Weinberg Center for the Arts downtown. The Weinberg has plenty of shows for people of all ages, whether it is opera, a comedian or an orchestra performance. Here you see me at the ticket booth trying to get some tickets for the midnight showing of Twilight, but apparently it was the wrong venue and the movie theater had been sold out for weeks. Fooey!

Well, I hope you liked the latest edition of my adventures. Make sure to stay tuned to this blog for my next post. Where will I be seen next? I feel like Carmen Sandiego. Anyways, until then, feel free to stop on in and take a picture with me and Skake Your Keys! Only 138 days until Opening Day!


The Adventures of Millsy – Part I

It has been four long years of waiting, but I have finally returned. Yes, my name is Millsy and as you can see, just a little under two months ago, the Frederick Keys hoisted me into the air in celebration. After defeating Kinston in the Carolina League Championship Series, the Keys have given me the chance to return home to Frederick. Although I have come back to the town that I have enjoyed so much, it has been lonely sitting in the office since September 16th, when the Keys won the title. No players around, everyone working hard for next year and me just sitting up for show on the front counter. No one has come to see me! What am I, chop liver? I think not! I took it upon myself to escape the inner sanctums of the Keys front office to go on adventures of my own around Frederick and now you get the chance to see them!

My first photo-op was right inside the front gates of the Harry Grove stadium. Waving in the breeze was none other than the championship banner. After I got over my goosebumps, I found myself a table and hopped up for a picture with the banner. It is a beautiful sit to see myself and the flag back where it should be. After all, what could be better than coming back to a city that is the hometown to Top Chef brothers and the burial site of the National Anthem author, Francis Scott Key? Nothing. That’s what.

The next stop for me was the press box. Although the voices of Frederick Keys Baseball, Adam Pohl & Tim Murray, were not in their home booth to call the championship winner, I felt like I needed to slip into their shoes to fully experience what it felt like to sport some pretty large headphones. I totally would advise fast food restaurants to invest in these, they are much more comfy than the filthy, rough earpieces they deal with now. What a view it is from this press box onto the field.

After taking in the view from the radio booth, it was time for me to revisit the field that had been the home for such great players this season. Bobby Bundy, Manny Machado, Jonathan Schoop and others battled teams across the league all year on this field and I gave myself a fourth row seat here for all of the action. If you ask me, I look very good in orange.

Conveniently enough for me, during my next stop, there was a nice stool with a black cover set out on the field waiting to be used for modeling. The smell of the fresh-cut green grass filled the air as I looked upon the field view at Harry Grove. It is tough to see the stadium without fans, but groundskeeper Tex keeps the field in tip-top condition during the offseason so the champs have good stuff to play on next season.

Sure, being on the field is cool, but I needed my paparazzi to get a picture of me on top of one of these tables for the full scene. Yes, I know the field is mowed very nicely but my shiny silver coat really sparkles well in the Harry Grove backdrop.

The last stop on my adventure around the stadium was the Keys locker room. At first, the door was locked, but I snuck into the stadium operations office and snagged the key without anyone noticing. I mean, who is going to give me a hard time anyway? I am Millsy, not just some trophy. After pushing the door open to the clubhouse, I decorated one of the lockers with bats, uniforms, jackets and baseball and put on my best pose.

I got so comfortable in the locker room setting, that I eventually ended up falling asleep right there. That was a foolish move on my part because the next morning, I was found by Keys staff spending the night in the clubhouse. Oops. Next time, I will have to make sure to get back to the front office before anyone knows I am gone.

Until the next time I find an escape route for my next adventure, feel free to come on by and snap a photo with me, Millsy the Carolina League Championship Cup!

Orioles Dream Week Returns

Dear Frederick Keys Fan:

You may have heard that the Orioles are bringing back “Orioles Dream Week” after a four-year absence.  It will be held January 29-February 4, 2012, in Sarasota.  We couldn’t be happier that the Orioles are resurrecting the camp, which is expected to incorporate a different theme each year, beginning with the 20th anniversary of Camden Yards and bringing back a number of players from the 1992 team, including Brady Anderson, Mike Devereaux, Chris Hoiles, Joe Orsulak, Leo Gomez and others.

As a “thank you” to those of you who have been long time fans of the Keys and Orioles, we have agreed to extend a 10 percent discount to those participants joining us this winter.  That is a reduction of nearly $420 off the price and includes transportation, lodging and the reunion game at Camden Yards next summer.

We hope you’re as excited as we are and will join us inSarasota.  The attached flyer has sign-up details.  For more information, call Steve Freeman at the Orioles at410-547-6063or email him at


The Orioles

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