VOLTink Event Pleases Frederick’s Taste Buds

Fans await the opening of gates for Voltink. Night

You could smell it in the air. Old bay popcorn. Buttermilk fried chicken. Fancy food not even I can pronounce. The band stage was brought in early and set up for the entertainment. Staff members from Volt arrived at Harry Grove Stadium early in the afternoon to prepare. Hundreds of programs and menus were fresh off the presses ready to go for all those in attendance. Everything that had to be done was done and finally, the night was underway.

The first event on this list prior to gates opening was a media session with Bryan and Michael. The brothers answered question from the media for approximately 20 minutes befor heading back to their respective stands to continue cooking. Media from the Frederick News-Post, Gazette, Baltimore Sun and Washinton Post were in attendance to cover this great event. After Bryan and Mike answered questions, the media was treated to some food sampling. Nothing like high quality grilled chesse and tomato soup, amazing looking chili and a bacon cheddar burger to get a good night started…

Shortly after the media frenzy was over, gates opened to the public as lines quickly filled up at the concessions and cookbooks were flying off the shelves like milk and bread in a snowstorm. With three different concession stands open, fans of the Voltaggio brothers had plenty of options when it came to trying different things. Not only that, but the most expensive thing on the menu was $7 (Lobster Roll). If you weren’t feeling too risky with certain foods you’ve never tried, Bacon Cheddar Burgers and Grilled Chesse with Tomato Soup was a nice alternative. Lines were consistently filled for the majority of the event…

While the lines were packed with hungry fans, Bryan and Michael had something else going on. From 7 until about 9:30, the brothers signed their cookbook for any fan who bought one that night. After all, the event was to celebrate the early release of it so why not sign them for two and a half hours? I can’t imagine what my hand would feel like after signing hundreds and hundreds of books, but I guess knowing how to cook pretty well comes with a territory.

With any large event that draws about 1,700 people from the surrounding area, entertainment was needed. Filling that role were local favorites, The Regal Beagles Yacht Rock Band and Blatant 80’s. Not knowing what to expect myself, I was pleasantly surprised by the performances. Both bands played covers for the most part and fans got into it. I mean, seriously…the first band had congos and a saxophone. It was good stuff.

Other than the bands, Keyote was in the house for the kids posing for photo-ops and pulling off some goofy shenanigans. The other aspect of this event was kickball. For those of you who don’t know, FACKA (Frederick Adult Co-Ed Kickball Association) is a well known organization around town and they had two games played on Tuesday, including East vs. West with Bryan and Michael Voltaggio. The kickball was such a big deal, the National Anthem was sung. Hardcore stuff right here..

As you can see…the kickball was indeed a big deal. Overall, the 2nd annual Volt Night was a success! The staff stayed until about 12:30am to help get the stage off of the field. Manual labor at its finest. Here is one more picture I liked. It was snapped around 5pm, when Bryan and his crew were beginning to cook.

Thanks to all who attended and to our paparazzi’s, Barb Freund and Bridget McCabe. Well done!

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